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2024 Spring Designers

You're invited to the runway show!

Zainah Ubaydee


Zaza, of Iraqi origin, was raised far from her homeland and presently resides in Victoria, British Columbia. Aspiring to become a renowned fashion designer, she embarked on her fashion design studies in 2023, set to culminate with a diploma fashion, skillfully intertwining contemporary trends with cultural influences. Her designs embody a harmonious equilibrium between tradition and modernity acclaim, she will move Vancouver, will be Zainab's professional journey is deeply rooted in the realm of fashion design.

Lilliana Paz


Lilliana is an environmental engineer, weaver, and fashion designer. Born and raised in Peru, she was surrounded by fanciful colors and patterns from the very beginning.
Her environmental engineering background gave her a solid education in the values of sustainability, but her weaving practice and textile creation have truly fired her passion to see unique, colorful fabrics put out into the world. She is excited to debut her "Rest Rebels" line in spring 2024. These one of a kind creations are meant to be used, worn, embellished, adored, and re-purposed. They are intended to bring joy to the wearer and the people around them.

Suzanne Lundberg, The Goat’s Coat


Suzanne Lundberg is a textile artist born and raised in Washington State. She founded her brand, The Goat’s Coat, specializing in upcycling found, thrifted, and donated textiles. She creates one-of-a-kind wearable art, from statement garments to jewelry, hats, and bags. She hopes to raise awareness in the fashion industry and inspire consumers to make sustainable choices while helping to divert textiles from the landfill.

Juan Carlo Crucis


Juan Carlo is a passionate fashion student from Pacific Design Academy. With just 6 months of sewing experience, he has created two stunning bohemian looks for this show. His designs capture the essence of the boho lifestyle. Through his journey, he has discovered a remarkable artistic flair for creating unique pieces. Join him as he take his first steps towards building his own brand, where he aims to bring sustainable and conscious fashion to the forefront. Let’s embrace the beauty of slow fashion together!

Will Carswell


Born in Victoria, BC- Will has a passion for unique and high-quality garments. While studying at Pacific Design Academy he aims to fine tune his tailoring skills and get his foot in the door of the fashion industry. Set to graduate in the summer of 2024, Will plans to start a small brand of handmade, tailored garments made from high quality recycled and sustainable materials.

Jadah Grimm-O’Neil


Jadah Grimm-O’Neil is currently immersed in the realm of fashion design at Pacific Design Academy in Victoria, BC. Originally from the far-off land of Hazelton, BC, her upbringing in a small town afforded her ample time for contemplation about all the things she wished to pursue but lacked access to. At Pacific Design Academy, Jadah seizes the opportunity to materialize ideas that were once distant aspirations. Transitioning from fighting fires to strutting down the runway, she perceives life as an unscripted game of improv, always prepared for the unexpected. Captivated by the glamour of drag queens, the whimsy of absurdity, and the transformative magic of glitter, Jadah doesn't confine her art within rigid definitions. The trajectory of her creativity remains an unfolding narrative—stay tuned for what comes next in her ever-evolving journey.

Hilary DeMooy


A Victoria, BC local, Hilary DeMooy, is a passionate Fashion Design student, studying at the Pacific Design Academy. She is excited about making garments that spark joy and confidence in her clients and constructing them from thrifted and up-cycled materials. She is looking forward to graduating in June 2024, and starting her own sustainable brand of alluring, fun and colourful clothing and accessories.

Kayley Sherlock


Growing up, raised by the mountains of British Columbia, Kayley Sherlock has a special connection the earth. Through her time studying Fashion Design at Pacific Design Academy in Victoria, BC, she merges her skills in fashion and her love for nature. The illusion of the glamorous fashion world has been shattered by pollution and overconsumption. Kayley has dreams of an industry that strives towards a more sustainable future. She hopes to one day build a brand that educates others on how to care for their clothing and appreciate the life that each garment has. Her designs connect environmentalism with fashion in a new and innovative way. The fashion industry needs to change, and Kayley’s designs will always push it in a sustainable direction.

Maya Chapman


Maya Chapman is a student fashion designer, currently attending the Pacific Design Academy. She lives in her birthplace of Victoria BC. Immersed in the world of dance from an early age, she has grown up to have an affinity for flamenco and performance arts of all kinds. With her attention to detail, she also has extensive experience in constructing jewelry, embroidery, and other handicrafts. In her designs, Maya aims to create dynamic and elegant garments that accentuate the beauty of movement. 

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