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The fashion industry is among the biggest polluters in the world. Everything from the dyes used, to the quality of labour contributes to both the current social and environmental decline we are experiencing today. The zero waste fashion movement combats that, by producing sustainable garments that generate little to no waste. 



Ash & Grove is committed to seeing change in the fashion industry. Zero waste, sustainable eco fashion without compromising style. 


About The Brand

Good design and quality construction are the backbone of Ash + Grove pieces. In the spirit of buying less, Ash + Grove carries items that can be worn year after year. A stickler for perfection, Asha oversees the conception of each piece from start to finish, and ensures that neither style nor quality is ever sacrificed. 

In some ways, Ash + Grove represents everything that the fast-fashion industry is not - intentional, conscious, and slow. Ash + Grove pieces are designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer, as well as minimally impact the environment. The majority of Ash + Grove pieces are designed and created by hand in Vancouver, BC. All fabrics and notions are sourced from local-Vancouver retailers in an effort to support local businesses and to minimize our carbon footprint.

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